Monday, September 1, 2014

Complete Message Archive

You can now access the complete archive of our correspondence with John Szczepaniak over the period in question. The archive is split into 5 tabulated sheets:
  • Email between John and Hanako
  • SMS between John and Hanako
  • Email between John and Agness
  • SMS between John and Agness
  • Kickstarter messages between John and Peter

Note that each row containing a message from John is highlighted in pink. Also note that we have chosen to leave out supplementary tagging and indexing for the time being. Although there are a number of messages that deserve special attention, we felt it was best to provide unchannelled access as a first step.

There are still some artifacts from importing an Excel file into Google Spreadsheet. We are in the process of cleaning those up. Also, because the messages were manually extracted into Excel after using Gmail's "forward thread" function, then scrubbed of personal information, there is more room for error than we'd like. If a message appears to refer to another email that cannot be found in the archives, please contact us with the details.

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