Letter to John's Parents




May 20, 2014




Dear Mr. and Mrs. Szczepaniak,

Allow me to apologise for not writing sooner. I intended to contact you two months ago, but was told by your son, Jon, that you were already fully aware of his legal situation. I now suspect that Jon was dishonest in this regard, and that you are therefore due a proper notification of court proceedings against him.

Last month, your son was served a summons to appear before the criminal court of Niort on charges of criminal libel. My wife and her sister are co-plaintiffs in the case and are seeking restitution of professional and personal damages. They are prepared to abide the court’s decision in toto, and would prefer to have no further interaction with Jon thereafter.

To guarantee closure in this matter, we need to be certain that Jon attends his court hearings. We are aware that Jon occasionally resides with his brother in Southampton, UK, and have reason to believe that he may retreat to this secondary residence rather than face charges. If we are forced to chase Jon between French and British jurisdictions, then we we will also be forced to increase our damage claims against him.

I ask that you take whatever steps you deem necessary to ensure Jon’s presence in court, beginning with his initial consignation on June 12th, 2014.

Before closing, I would like to add that I harbour no ill will against your son, despite the damage he has done to people I love. In truth, I am genuinely concerned for Jon's physical and mental health, should he continue on his current path. If you share any of my concern, I would urge you to consult a trained professional and to make ongoing counseling a condition of Jon's residence with you. I am perfectly sincere in this advice, and I invite you to contact me if you have any further questions.

I remain at your disposal.


Peter Duimstra


p.s. Basic information on our case against Jon is available at (http://versusjs.blogspot.com).

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